About Bettysbeautifullife

I am a self-taught photographer, and decorative art artist, I research and design turn of the century stencils, and decorative wall techniques. I love baking and travelling is my passion but most of all I love all things beautiful and there are many of them in my life. Born in France I live in Glasgow with my husband. I believe the world is a village and i have friends in many streets.


This blog is about sharing my passions, its about loving life, its about learning to discover your creativity with all things beautiful.

Lets begin the journey, there is always something beautiful around… even on rainy days.
I also publish photos on http://www.instagram.com/bettysbeautifullife

If you like my photos you can buy my greeting cards on http://www.Etsy.com in my shop “thelansdownehouse”

Betty x

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