The True Colour of the Cotinus Project

“The True Colour of the Cotinus” is a global Eco-printing project created by French artist Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw in 2020 during the Covid crisis from her Glasgow studio.

Using the online platform Zoom and a dedicated Facebook group, she wanted to provide isolated Eco-printers from all over the world with a communal simple technique to follow.

By summer 2021 over 700 participants have taken part virtually and created blue prints from the Cotinus plant.

They interact regularly in a dedicated Facebook group. They are located in all time zones.

Resilience and creativity were the project key focus, friendship and beautiful prints are the result.

If you want to take part in the project look here for future workshops or PDF methods for fabric and paper printing. Taking one workshop or obtaining one method will allow you in the group.

“The True Colour of the Cotinus” cards and calendars are Elisabeth’s own unique Eco-prints and help funding the ongoing project. Elisabeth is a self-employed full-time artist. She lives with her husband John, in Glasgow (Scotland) where she is known for her community projects (The Big Rose, The Big Banner…), in her urban garden she cultivates 5 Cotinus plants.

To purchase our cards and calendar look Here (Link pending)

Copyright 2020 Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw


“So keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”
Marilyn Monroe

If only you keep an eye open… you could find beauty in every little bit of your life ! Here are mine to share…

Recording beautiful things is crucial

Recording beautiful things is crucial

In the Spring I can’t help smiling when the daffodils come out, making a real show of the front steps of my house at Lansdowne. Scotland is beautiful when the spring explodes, fed up of this long winter with its dark nights. We long the warm sun, the green grass, the blue skies.

Spring is the best time of all

Spring is the best time of all

It is in my house in Glasgow that I design my stencils, where I bake my cakes, where I hand decoupage pots, design new courses and plan my new travels.

A Glasgow Style bunch of roses on a stencilled ceiling

A Glasgow Style bunch of roses on a stencilled ceiling

Photos are the best way to share all those beautiful experiences, here are mine for you to enjoy. If you want to go further, contact me for my course list, my stencil brochure, my product list. I will gladly explore any project on your behalf as long as it is beautiful.

Betty x

The Willow Tea Rooms Banner an art project for 2017 #crmackintoshbanner

A great project is born out of a small piece of research, read this post to find out about it #crmackintoshbanner


2016 saw  #thebigroseproject ! For celebrating the 20th anniversary of  The House for an Art Lover I outreached to “people” anyone from everywhere to stencil a bright pink Mackintosh outdoors. It was much fun and so accelerating to see tens of participants take to the ground with a large stencil and a brush…

The Big Rose it all started here

This year will be as exciting with my Big Banner project ! It is based on a linen banner I found in the archives of the Glasgow based Hunterian Art Galleries, It was designed by Mackintosh, its over a 100 years old and it is stunning, a tall elegant lady head in a bunch of roses on a silver background… designed for The Willow Tea rooms which off course is in full refurbishment this year having been rescued by The Willow Tea Rooms Trust  and in the hands of a Trust and a team of…

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An Up-Cycling Furniture workshop Revamping your Kitchen How to make a lot out of nothing !


Up-cycling has been very popular for a good number of years and I have found memories of the paint effects classes I used to run a few years ago… Nowadays its called upcycling and although the idea is to make up something old and tired looking into something very trendy again over the past few years the aim of Up-cycling seems to have changed.

When I up-cycled in the early 1990’s the aim was to achieve a lot with little. The fun was into making the crackling varnish work even if using a hair dryer was the key to the challenge…

Nowadays you have to up-cycle using some big name specialised paint and before you know it, the little cupboard you bought from the Shelter shop for £5 cost you over £50 in specialised paint and brushes … surely that is wrong this is not what up-cycling is about.


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