The Big Rose project #BIGROSE


This is about my love for stencilling and for a stylised Rose designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

This is about the 20th anniversary of The House for an Art Lover

This is about Scottish Hospitality

This is about spreading good design and engaging with both artists and the public and giving access to all.

This is about creating carpets of large Glasgow style roses at each venues of the Glasgow Mackintosh Heritage using stencils. And engaging the public in participating.

This project will happen in October 2016 during the next Mackintosh Festival and I hope many many will take part.

The Story:

Once upon a time Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret designed a scheme for one of Miss Cranston’s tea room in Glasgow. It included some stylised roses and a lady. Almost 100 years later I used part of this design in the decorating of The House for…

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