Historic recreations – Mackintosh and others … A gallery 


Over the past 25 years I have been involved with many stencilling projects… Small or large they all taught me something ! A true craft women must do suitable homework to produce a beautiful piece of design. Here are some comments and photographs some of the stencilling recreations I have been involved in. They are not in any particular order. For some of them I had to scan some old photographs which explain the poor qualities of some of the images.

My apologies for that.

Below is a non exhaustive list in no particular order and I am still updating…

The House for an Art Lover 1996


The House for an Art Lover was designed in at the turn of the century but only built in Glasgow in the 1990’s  with no “in detail” design instructions. For sources we looked at Mackintosh s archival work of the period and picked…

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