Make Love not War ! Explosion of pattern and colours on Peter Bevan’s flower bombs !


I was brought up in the 60’s at the sound of “make Love, not war” with long hair Hippies and the colourful “flower power” but its a long time ago ! There have been many wars since Vietnam and many pacifists movements of all sorts. I had forgotten about the whole thing until I saw Peter Bevan Flower bombs in The House for an Art Lover last week end.

 I never make it to private views always busy working or travelling so when I was casually invited a bit last minute to the preview of Bevan’s exhibition I went along unprepared, not even knowing the name of the artist exhibiting. Little prepared was I for an explosion of asian patterns and bright colours… The flower bombs are an amazing site… And immediately I felt in love with them.

 From a bomb they only have the shape, they are…

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