Job done ! 

Today I am completing a job I started over a year ago although the main bulk was only really started about 5 weeks ago. It was a very long time in the making and when this first came around it seemed one of those tasks one dreamed to achieve knowing it was impossible because of the sheer volume of it ! 

Really this is like running a marathon or recovering for a long term illness … If you pace yourself and give it time and self-determination I say you can’t do just about anything in life. 

I am indeed very proud of myself not for achieving but for keeping going and having had enough of hope and determination to see the end result through the tunnel! So I am seating in Bill’s beautiful garden on the stone bench taking a break and enjoying a quinoa salad and marvelling at the beautiful vegetation going there. Bill is also a determined person with a vision ! He would have too unless he is completely made to undertake this renovation … I like to think he is a man with a vision and a powerful driving force… He planted this garden a year ago knowing today it would have matured and I am seating in it enjoying the fact he had this vision! 

Modern life is very fast and you can go past so much quality of life if you don’t forward plan … But fortunately I am of the generation of the type writer and the fax machine we were brought up knowing to plan ahead and knowing the little time you took today would make tomorrow so much better !!!

Do you plan ahead ? What are you doing today to plan your tomorrow ???

Betty xx

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