Be inspired ! Change the world ! 

I had a meeting at the Hunterian Art Gallery this morning and as it finished early I could not help myself,  I crossed the road and walked in the University of Glasgow Campus. The old one … Well not the original one but the one built in th 1880 ‘s when Glasgow was the second city of the Empire. It’s grand … Powerful … Harry Potter like ! You feel when you study there that something special should happen to you upon graduation … And that is why all my family holds degrees from that University … Nothing to do with the fact it’s just around the corner ! Well not really ! 

I could never pinpoint thought what that special thing should be … Did I end up having a very special life ? Will my daughter sail through hers ? What is it exactly that I can’t quite grasp ? And then … As I was leaving the building walking down towards the very famous Byres road I came across the sign ! 

And this one too ! 

Was I inspired I would like to think yes … Have I changed the world ? Well but of course in my small way … My smile makes your day nicer and my silly chat makes you smile ? No ? 

Have we lost the concept of why we want educated ? To know ? To understand ? To fit in ? To be a better person ? Or do we just want to lead before we can even stand up on our two feet and make a living ? 

I like to know that I am part of the big University of Glasgow family specially that now it has become an international family but really … A world changer 🙂 🙂 🙂 you must be having a laugh …

What about you ? Are you a University graduate ? Why did you study ?

Betty xx