From photoblog to vintage cards… The range of “Betty’s beautiful life” vintage cards

A while ago I opened an Instagram account. I had enjoyed being on Face Book for a few years but I was getting more and more interested in communicating through photography with like minded people. The tag allows you to jump from photo to photo and by then discover what your contacts or anyone else for that matter experience at that very moment. Not much text… a title and a few tags and off you go that is you in business.

I opened the account just before travelling and made a point of tagging the photographs with the locations where I was, my impressions on the day, so well chosen names… and jumping from tag to tag I learned to discover the local cafe no guide book would have taken me to or the secret beach that is not in any specialist list. Instagram is completely open so no restrictions.

I love the simplicity of the filters, no mess, clean and very specific, you will find the filter which is you for sure…. mine is Hefe… and you?

 The square photos with the white border have always appealed to me with their old fashion shape, I have always liked the old fashion photos. But those have hooked me up and by the second month of having the account I set myself a new task “take a photo a day keeps doctor away” ….. take a happy photo everyday of my life wherever I am, whatever I do. And I have never looked back. “Betty’sbeautifullife” was born.

Have you every though of positivity at its highest level? In every situation make sure you see the silver lining of any cloud. It does work, positivity becomes reflex…

 This has tought me to smile in any situation, to look for the interesting detail to photograph wherever I am…

But its the most recent development of this photo blog which has made me happy… Out of getting so many great pieces of feed back I have decided for those photos to be printed and mounted on a recycled card, completely acid free, I use a Chinese seal with my name in bright red in signature ! It’s like … My other life detaching itself to go and inspire others ! 

Hence my “ ‘s range of cards… Vintage cards… what do you think? Good idea ? I guess yes because I have recently delivered an order of those cards to The Art Lovers House… Photos of the various rooms ! Some important details… The buyer was very excited ! She thought they might appeal to bride and groom to be as wedding invitation! Now that is so positive !!!!

 So have a wee looks at my Instagram page “Bettysbeautifullife” if you like anything give me a wee email at . I will turn any of those photos in a lovely card for you! You really want to start recording your happy moments soon … But in the meantime ! I will share mine with you. My cards are for sale on Etsy and in the shop of The House for an Art Lover in Glasgow.


Betty x