Death can be cool … Honest ! 

Yesterday I was crossing the road in front of the National Museum for Scotland in Edinburgh and I noticed the entry to a church yard it looked inviting the sun was shining and I decided to have a look, it was Greyfriard church. Within minutes I found myself walking on green grass where a few students were lying down. On it were doted a few graves quite ancient ones,  most of them at least a century ago. And we’re they were cool looking !!! Ornate … Theatrical … 

I had forgotten how in past times Victorian and earlier there was a deep respect for the dead people, mourned for ever and folks made their way regularly to flower the grave ! Very elaborate stones or statues were carved and respectfully adorned with the name of the deceased. It does seem that nowadays we have a quick cremation followed by a bash where we eat bad food and drink ever worse wine while telling family jokes ! Not sure what’s the best really! 

I came across  the tree with a name plate ….. So who was Paul Green ? Did he die a young man ? Or did he have a good life ? Is someone crying still today on his passing or was he the last one of a family line?

In some culture death is part of the life cycle you prepare for it and wait for it! And survivors in your family make sure you leave for the long journey beyond with all the necessary items you need.

In Western Europe we seem to be traumatised by it it’s a terrible drama when a close one passes away ! But for myself l see it as a stage in your life and for sure I would not mind spending my ever after in a peaceful place like this graveyard around the Greyfriard church – Edinburgh 

What about you ? What do you think about death ?
Love Betty xx