I love people watching, do you ever seat in an airport or a train station not going anywhere but just to look at people around you rushing around to their Life … Remember that bit in “love actually”

But for me the best is people watching when I travel, I love the diversity, the differences you notice in other cultures, what they eat, what they do, what they share, who they spend time with, how they spend their time.. Is it wrong to bathe in the sea all dressed? To eat curry for breakfast? To cycle your bike with so much “stuff” on it it looks like a truck ? What if we were wrong to not eat curry for breakfast? Or to only wear a bathing suit to swimm in ?

Look around you and tell me… Is the world not such a marvel of diversity ???

Love Betty xx

I love people and places


Selfie time


when i am big i will be an architect


Its a goal !!!


Reducing my carbon footprint !


Am not begging ! am just chilling !


Kopi and mee diner make anyone happy


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