I can stay put for a while but regularly i get this urge to pack a bag, any bag and go away, anywhere!

I find, walking in a train station or an airport liberating…. Meeting new people, discovering new things, new rules, new food opens my mind. Sometimes its just a small week end bag, sometimes its a full holiday suitcase. Mine is well travelled but mainly to the East.

 I just love Asia, its immensely pleasing to the senses, the smiles… The smells… The sun … So many people around and they all look so happy despite their poor conditions, the sun in the sky has somehow entered their heart. I love the colours, the patterns of the hand printed Batik fabrics, the colour blue of the sky, of the sea, the sweet smell of the delicate flowers and even the smell of the wet grass after the drenching rain you get at this time of the year.

Its all just a bit of Magic and i am off to grab it and fil up my eyes with beautiful images for the months to come.

 So i am off to Malaysia via Singapore this week end for my bit of magic… What magic will your week end bring you ?

Take care

Betty x

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